Thirsty? Here’s Your Top Seven Mexican Beers

authentic Mexican restaurant MA

Next time you’re searching for an authentic Mexican restaurant in MA, don’t forget to look at the drink menu.  Whether alcoholic or non, a true authentic restaurant will offer a selection of authentic beverages.  Here at La Santa, we have authentic Mexican food with a wide variety of authentic Mexican drinks.  Here are a few of our top ranking cervezas!



From the Tecate Brewery, we present to you Tecate. This popular lager has a vast history and vast variety.  From light to titanium, this one of a kind creation has the claim to fame of “the champion of men“ with an alcohol content of 7.5%.   



As one of the more traditional brews brought to us by the Grupo Modelo brewery, this Austrian-style beer ranks in with a 4% ABV.  With deep roots in Austrian pilsner, the taste and aroma are strong and bitter.  With one of the lower contents on the market, Victoria is the ideal choice for many with an ABV of 4%.


Dos Equis Amber

One of our favorites is Dos Equis Amber. This darker version of Dos Equis provides a rich, more fuller-bodied flavor than its counterpart.  Often compared to an Oktoberfest-style, this amber-colored thirst-quencher contains an ABV of 4.7%.


Modelo Especial

Similar to Corona, Modelo Especial is a lighter option.  Not only light in color but light in taste, this beer is the perfect summer option. Growing in popularity across the United States, you can also find this crowd-pleaser as an optional addition to your traditional margarita in several restaurants.  Modelo contains an ABV of 4.5%.


Negra Modelo

Similar in concept, another crowd-pleaser that provides a smooth yet rich flavor is Negra Modelo.  The slowing brewing process brings Negra Modelo in at 5.4% ABV.



If you’ve never heard of this one, we’re not quite sure where you’ve been hiding.  As one of the most popular American options, Corona is a Pilsner-style beer with a 4.5% ABV.  This German influenced beverage is the perfect beach, barbeque, and, well, anytime refresher. 



Similar to Corona, Pacifico is best enjoyed with a fresh slice of lime.  As one of the biggest beers on the West Coast, expect to see more of this beauty in the future.  Furthermore, Pacifico contains an ideal 4.5% ABV.


Now that we have your taste buds watering visit us at La Santa Tacos & Tequila.  We promise you a true authentic Mexican restaurant experience in MA that will have you coming back for more.  Visit us online to view our full cerveza offering.  Salud!

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