The Power of Flowers Project

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At La Santa, we not only serve Mexican food in MA, but we’re dedicated to helping our community as well. In this article, we want to take a moment to highlight the Power of Flowers Project. Recently supported by the team here at La Santa, we’re taking our hats off to this group of volunteers.


Who they are

Since the beginning in 2009, this group of volunteers has grown from a few to a few hundred. These volunteers are dedicated to enriching the lives of others through flowers.  By harnessing the proven power of flowers to lift spirits and promote healing, bouquets are delivered to those in need.


What they do

Power of Flowers Project has received donations from several companies allowing them to do what they do.  From wholesalers to gently used flowers donated from conferences, banquets, and weddings, this group re-news and re-creates.  Flowers that are left behind and otherwise tossed in the garbage become new forms of life.

Since 2009, over 90,000 bouquets volunteers have created and delivered (free of charge) to over 130 care facilities. From hospital rooms of the critically ill to disabled veterans.  From homeless mothers to community meal sites and desks of under-appreciated helpers, these bouquets are breathtaking reminders to the recipients that they’re remembered and loved.


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Beyond the bouquet

Although the number one priority is to spread joy to those less fortunate or possibly forgotten, the organization offers workshops on-site at both care facilities and businesses.

Flower therapy workshops at care facilities enable residents to escape their daily routine and create a bouquet on their own. Engaging their senses in a positive social atmosphere, the residents are uplifted. Furthermore, these workshops can be carried into the workplace. Making a great team bonding experience for employees, hosting a Kindness Connection lunch event is a sure way to relieve the stress of everyday work life.


If you’d like to learn more about the Power of Flowers Project, contact Michelle Silveira at (978) 226-8545 or click here to donate either time or resources.


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Whether your organization is seeking support or an establishment to host a fundraiser, La Santa Tacos & Tequila is here to help. From providing the best Mexican food in MA to supporting our community, we’re here for you! Contact our team today to find out more information (978) 226-5665.

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