The History Behind Cinco de Mayo

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Often when people hear the term Cinco de Mayo, they associate it with authentic Mexican cuisine and drink.  Many people gear up and head to their local bars in Tyngsboro, MA to celebrate. Although food and beverage are an excellent way to honor the day, how much do you know about the history?

French Invasion

In 1861, a French army of 8,000 landed on the shores of Veracruz, Mexico with the intent of an attack.  With success, the French then moved towards Mexico City.  Although this time, the French army was met with resistance.  It is documented that the Mexican resistance, half the size of their attacker, defeated the French on May 5, 1862.

Travel to America

The significance of this defeat traveled into California.  The news was heard by Mexican miners.  With much joy they celebrated with gunshots fired into the air, patriotic song, speeches, and other symbolism of their culture.  Not until the mid-1900s did the celebration travel further into the United States, fully gaining its popularity in the 1980s.  Further increasing celebrations each year, on June 7, 2005, the United States proclaimed observation of Cinco de Mayo.


Of course, commercial interests have capitalized on the celebration.  With a heavy emphasis on authentic Mexican cuisine, music, and beverages, it is estimated that the day brings in more profit on beer than Super Bowl Sunday.

However, in Mexico, the celebration is a bit different.  Although the battle is not a national holiday, on Cinco de Mayo, all public schools and workplaces will close down.  The streets are lined with reenactment of the battle and parades showcasing authentic costume.  Similarly, other parts of the world such as; Vancouver, Cayman Islands, Montego Bay, Australia, London, and Japan also hold honor to the battle.  All countries hosting celebrations to honor Mexican food and drink, music, and culture.


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