Sauces Have You Confused? We Got You.

Mexican food Massachusetts

As with any Mexican food in Massachusetts, there’s a large variety of choices when it comes to your sauces. While most of us stick to the ones we’re familiar with, that may not be the best option! Limiting your selection could take away from the integrity of a delicious meal. Because we’d hate to see that happen, we’re taking a moment to provide an overview of some of the most popular Mexican sauces.



Ranchero sauce

One of the most popular sauces is ranchero. This mild tomato-based sauce combines Mexican seasonings with onions, green chilis, fresh garlic, and jalapenos. Although you’re working with a medley of vegetables, ranchero sauce has a hint of smoky flavor with the addition of cumin.


authentic mexican food ma

Enchilada sauce

Although enchilada sauce is almost a mimic of ranchero, they’re not the same. With an enchilada sauce, you can expect a subdued tomato flavor due to the more pronounced chili powder presence. In fact, chili powder is simmered in a broth with the garlic and onion, creating a distinct and mild taste.



Tomatillo sauce

Recognizable by its green color, tomatillo sauce is made from the tomatillo tomato. Prized for its mild tartness, the tomatillo combined with onion, jalapenos, lime, and cilantro is a perfect pairing for so many dishes. Whether serviced hot atop a burrito, or as a complement to your chips, tomatillo sauce is a bit higher on the spice chart.


Mexican food Massachusetts

Chile de Arbol sauce

If you like it hot, this sauce is the one you’ve been waiting for! The natural hotness of the distinct de Arbol chile combined with tomatoes and garlic complement a variety of dishes well. From eggs to tacos, if you’re looking for spice, keep this one handy.



Here at La Santa, we offer our guests only the most authentic Mexican food in Massachusetts. So, if you see something on the menu that you’re not quite sure about, feel free to ask your server. We thoughtfully pair dishes with a unique sauce to enhance the authentic flavor. However, we’re always happy to accommodate requests!

Visit us today in Tyngsboro, MA, and experience Mexican food the way it was meant to be served!

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