Ordering Mexican Food For the Waistline

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Mexican food in MA is a favorite. Whether lunch or dinner, there’s no going wrong when you come to visit us here at La Santa. However, sometimes it can be hard to stick to that rigid diet – we get it. With homemade guacamole, chips and salsa, chimichanga, and margaritas, how does one enjoy their night out without feeling guilty? No more worries amigos, in this article, we’re giving you all kinds of options!


Burrito bowl

If you’re a burrito lover (who isn’t), but trying to watch the calories, opt for the bowl instead of the wrap. This satisfying meal will save you an easy 300 calories off the top. Be sure to order the grilled chicken or lean steak and hold off of the sour cream. But, again, we get it – if you have to have the sour cream, keep it on the side and go light!


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Tacos for days

The best thing about tacos is that they’re little, so you have a meal with portion control! If available, opt for a corn tortilla instead of the flour, and hold the sour cream to the side. By ordering a corn tortilla, you’re getting more of the good stuff, like fiber, and less of the bad stuff, like fat. Again, choosing a sensible filling like grilled chicken, baked seafood, or beans makes for the healthiest meal.



Rice and beans are staples when it comes to Mexican food in MA. Often, they’re the go-to sides for several dishes. But, choosing the right type of beans makes a difference. Refried beans (although they’re delicious) are the worst choice if you’re watching the waistline. A regular serving usually pushes 10 grams of fat, and that’s without adding cheese to the top!

Instead, try black or pinto beans. These are typically slow-cooked in savory spices and garlic, and pack nearly 8 grams of fiber and protein!



Like the taco, fajitas offer a variety of options sure to curve anyone’s cravings. Again, how you stuff your fajita is what makes the difference. To start, opt for the corn tortilla if available and choose a lean meat, seafood, or vegetable option. If corn tortillas are not an option, be sure to stuff one or two flour tortillas to the max, and leave the rest to the side.



When ordering seafood, there is really no wrong choice. What you need to be careful with here is how the fish is cooked. Often dreaded in oil, your healthy option now becomes loaded in fat and cholesterol. Ask if baked is an option and be sure to leave the breading aside.


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And there you have it, lots of healthy options for Mexican food in MA. Now all that is left to do is visit us at La Santa Tacos & Tequila!

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