Mariachi and Mexican Food in MA. Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This

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If you’re not familiar with, or never experienced a live mariachi band, La Santa is here to save the day! Dating back to the early 18th century, this performance is one that everyone must experience, at least once. Adorned in authentic costume, our guests will not only have the best Mexican food in MA but the best entertainment in town.


What is mariachi?

Mariachi is a style of Mexican music performed live by a group of talented performers. Although this sounds like every other live band you may have seen, mariachi groups have a few distinctive qualities. First is their costume. Mariachi musicians, almost always, are dressed to the nine in authentic Mexican costume. Another feature is the unique style of singing and instrumentation. With a strong influence from polka and waltzes, this Mexican folk music is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Which instruments are used with a mariachi band?

As with anything, mariachi bands have evolved over the years. However, today we’re here to talk about the awesome experience you’ll have a La Santa. Modern day mariachi bands utilize instruments such as acoustic guitars, violins, and trumpets. Beyond the unique sound you’ll experience, you’ll also have the pleasure of a full singing band! Not just one lead singer, but a whole group of them to adorn your ears!


What’s the deal with the outfits?

Known as a charro outfit, mariachi band members are known for their authentic look. Although most performers wear black and silver, seeing a band in brightly adorned outfits is also common. Two elements that will never vary are the silk ties and sombreros. This image became an essential staple to Mexican culture after the Mexican Revolution. In fact, since September 14, 1934, the National Day of the Charro as been effect.


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Mexicans know tequila, and Mexicans know mariachi. Ironically enough, the two go very well together! If you have never experienced live mariachi, what have you been waiting for? Head into La Santa Tacos & Tequila for Mexican food MA residents rave about. Every Thursday night from 8 – 10 pm, we provide our guests with an experience they’ll never forget. Don’t forget to check out our extensive list of tequila while you’re here!

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