It’s Taco Tuesday, Where Are You Going For Dinner?

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You made through Monday and survived a long Tuesday. It’s time to treat yourself for an authentic Mexican food experience with the best tacos in Massachusetts. Here at La Santa Tacos & Tequila, we make Taco Tuesday a day to look forward to. Here are just a few of our chef’s favorite recipes:


Tacos Al Pastor

Grilled and thin-sliced, this tender marinated pork is one of our favorite tacos. The secret to creating the perfect marinade for this dish is the addition of pineapple. Pureed with spices and onions, this marinade is easy to make any day of the week. Finished with finely chopped onions and cilantro, tacos al pastor pairs perfectly with pineapple pico de gallo.


Tacos de Carne Asada

If you’re looking for a twist on traditional steak tacos, this one is for you. There’s no turning back once you sink your teeth into this deliciously marinated and grilled steak taco. However, be sure to have your beverage of choice handy since sriracha will be taking the back seat to our house-made chile de arbol sauce!


Tacos de Carnitas

If the chile de arbol sauce isn’t spicy enough for you, then consider stepping it up a notch with our chile habanero sauce. Generously served atop our pork confit tacos, this satisfying combination is sure to set your taste buds on fire.


Tacos de Chorizo

If you’re a fan of sausage, then we highly recommend trying the chorizo tacos. This savory, smoky Mexican sausage is perfectly paired with any dish. However, combine it with onions and cilantro, and you have yourself a taco that will have you craving seconds.


Smokey Asada

Asada is a fancy way of saying, “it’s all about the marinade.” Eaten plain, in a burrito or a taco, our tender strips of marinated rib-eye steak are a mouthwatering experience. Combined with our smoky chipotle sauce, these tacos are perfect for the flavor connoisseur.


Veggie Tacos

For those of you who prefer the meatless dish, we have you covered! Our veggie tacos are a combination of grilled zucchini, squash, spinach, and corn topped with an onion and cilantro combination. Served in corn tortillas, you have the perfect vegetarian option to pair with your favorite side dish!



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Now that your mouth is watering, head on over to La Santa for Taco Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday … We have the best variety of tacos in Massachusetts that are sure to satisfy any taste bud!

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