Have You Heard of the Flaming Lamborghini?

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As one of the premier bars in Tyngsborough, MA, you can expect the unexpected at La Santa. From meals to drinks our wide selection of authentic Mexican cuisine is sure to impress and keep guests coming back for more. One of our most unexpected elements come from the creative bar staff. Although you won’t find this item on the menu, stop by and ask about our Flaming Lamborghini. This cocktail is the perfect touch for special celebrations and large groups.




A Flaming Lamborghini is a cocktail in which a glass of mixed liquors are set on fire and drank with a straw. However, while consuming, additional shots of liquor will be added to the glass. Needless to say, it’s not for the light-hearted.

The Ingredients

To begin, equal parts of Sambuca and Kahlua are combined into a cocktail shaker. From there, our secret touch will ignite the flame. Two separate shots are then poured. One shot is of Bailey’s Irish Cream, the other Blue Curacao. These shots are set to the side, for now. As the original mixture is consumed, the additional shots will be added into the emptying cocktail glass.


The Show

However, with a name like Flaming Lamborghini, it will, of course, come with a spectacular presentation. Our expert and entertaining bar staff will create a display that is sure to bring the wow factor for you and your guests. We hate to give away the surprise, but we’ll just say the tower of flames will leave a lasting memory! Have those cameras handy.


bars tyngsboro ma


The Flaming Lamborghini is the perfect way to end dinner. A combination of dessert liquors will pair perfectly with a full stomach. However, if you’re a bit wary of this cocktail, be sure to check out our full drink menu. From wines to flights, we have the perfect ending for your perfect night.

If you’re looking at bars in Tyngsborough, MA, for your next special night out, stop by La Santa Tacos & Tequila. Our bar area has the space your gathering needs to ensure a comfortable, entertaining, and authentic Mexican experience. Check out our menu here. Our team looks forward to making your night a memorable one!

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