Celebrating National Daiquiri Day with Authentic Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican food MA

These days it seems that every day has been devoted to one thing or another.  Here at La Santa, we don’t need a reason to celebrate, but on July 19th, it’s time to raise your glass and celebrate National Daiquiri Day.  The classic rum-based drinks pairs well with a variety of dishes.  However, if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in MA, stop into La Santa and enjoy one of our famous margaritas, or better yet, a delicious daiquiri! A twist on the classic recipe, here are a few of our favorite versions of the daiquiri.


Classic Daiquiri

Did you know that Daiquiri is the name of an iron mine, and beach, near Santiago de Cuba? The concoction has been rumored to have been invented by an American mining engineer who was in Cuba at the time of the Spanish-American War.  The original daiquiri was served in a tall glass.  Packed to the brim with ice, a teaspoon of sugar and the juices of two fresh limes were squeezed over the ice.  White rum was then added, completing the drink.  Over time, the recipe evolved and was created in a shaker, poured into a present-day martini glass.  However, the daiquiri has taken a turn and become a frozen refreshment often associated with the tropics.


Strawberry Daiquiri

One of the most popular frozen daiquiris, the strawberry daiquiri is served with or without rum.  Thus, making a refreshing beverage for all ages.  With the texture of a smoothie, this drink has several variations.  For instance, some make their daiquiris with a limeade base, while others prefer the use of freshly squeezed limes.  Either way, fresh strawberries in combination with simple syrup are the two staples for the perfect drink.


Fruit Variations

Because of its popularity, we felt the need to designate a space strictly for the strawberry daiquiri.  However, there are several other twists one can take when it comes to a fruit daiquiri.  For instance, mango runs as a close second to the strawberry version.  Perhaps you’re feeling a bit more tropical; there’s always banana and frozen pineapple daiquiris to entice your cravings.


Mulata Daiquiri

Unlike the previously mentioned daiquiris, you won’t find an abundance of fruit in this drink.  More specifically, fresh lime juice is the only fruit added to the mulata.  If you’re looking for a variation from the traditional daiquiri and love coffee, this is the drink for you.  With a blend of white rum and coffee or chocolate liqueur, the addition of lime and simple syrup make this one of our favorites.



Where ever the day may take you, stop into La Santa for the best authentic Mexican food in MA.  Compliment your meal with a daiquiri of your choice, and ensure your cravings are satisfied.  Visit us online to view our full menu of enticing meals and creative drinks.

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