Celebrating Día de Los Muertos

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Although the Mexican holiday has recently past, we wanted to take a moment to honor the Day of the Dead. This year, the holiday began on October 31st and ended November 2nd. However, Día de Los Muertos is always present here at La Santa. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in Massachusetts, with a truly authentic dining experience, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Day of the Dead?

Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated globally by people of Mexican heritage. Although many associate the holiday with Halloween, it is actually quite different. The Day of the Dead is a time for a family to gather and celebrate loved ones that have passed. This is not a time of sadness, but one of celebration. It is believed that death is part of the natural cycle, but those who have passed are still among us. Those past are kept alive in spirit through memory. The Day of the Dead is when those passed return, temporarily, to Earth.


day of the dead


Ofrendas (altars) are one of the two most common elements of the Day of the Day. Whether families create an altar in the privacy of their home or visit the gravesite of a loved one, altars typically consist of the following:

  • Photograph of the loved one(s)
  • Other memorabilia of the deceased
  • Lit candles
  • Marigolds and brightly colored flower pedals. This golden flower is believed to attract the soul of the dead to the offerings laid out for them.
  • Food and beverage of the deceased. Pan de Muertos (bread) and sugar skulls are a few of the most common.
  • Pillows and blankets for the deceased to rest after their long journey



Because of the traditional costume that many adorn themselves with, Día de Los Muertos is confused as Mexican Halloween. However, this holiday is a time of happiness, remembrance, and celebration unlike, Halloween which tends to be dark and spooky. During the Day of the Dead hundreds will take to the streets in costume and painted faces. It’s also common to hear the sounds of the guitar, shells, and other noisemakers. It’s believed the noise will help guide the dead on their journey home.


authentic mexican food massachusetts



Here at La Santa, our guests will not only enjoy authentic Mexican food in Massachusetts, but a décor heavily influenced in remembrance of our ancestors. Visit us today and experience the happiness and celebration of Mexican tradition for yourself!

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