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Football and Authentic Mexican Food. Count Us In.

Fall is upon us, and that means football season has arrived. Here in New England, we have some of the biggest fans across the country. Thus, when Sunday game day rolls around, you can be sure the celebrations will begin. However, if you volunteered for hosting this week’s game, you may be a little stressed out. No need to worry though, La Santa is here to help you with the variety of authentic Mexican food MA fans crave. Here are […]

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It’s Taco Tuesday, Where Are You Going For Dinner?

You made through Monday and survived a long Tuesday. It’s time to treat yourself for an authentic Mexican food experience with the best tacos in Massachusetts. Here at La Santa Tacos & Tequila, we make Taco Tuesday a day to look forward to. Here are just a few of our chef’s favorite recipes:   Tacos Al Pastor Grilled and thin-sliced, this tender marinated pork is one of our favorite tacos. The secret to creating the perfect marinade for this dish […]

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Have You Heard of the Flaming Lamborghini?

As one of the premier bars in Tyngsborough, MA, you can expect the unexpected at La Santa. From meals to drinks our wide selection of authentic Mexican cuisine is sure to impress and keep guests coming back for more. One of our most unexpected elements come from the creative bar staff. Although you won’t find this item on the menu, stop by and ask about our Flaming Lamborghini. This cocktail is the perfect touch for special celebrations and large groups. […]

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Thirsty? Here’s Your Top Seven Mexican Beers

Next time you’re searching for an authentic Mexican restaurant in MA, don’t forget to look at the drink menu.  Whether alcoholic or non, a true authentic restaurant will offer a selection of authentic beverages.  Here at La Santa, we have authentic Mexican food with a wide variety of authentic Mexican drinks.  Here are a few of our top ranking cervezas!   Tecate From the Tecate Brewery, we present to you Tecate. This popular lager has a vast history and vast […]

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Celebrate Friendship with Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Massachusetts

Did you know that the first Sunday in August has been designated as National Friendship Day? Well now that you do, you’re faced with the decision of how to celebrate! Whether you’re planning a day with your childhood besties or the newly acquired friend you met over the summer, authentic Mexican cuisine in Massachusetts is the perfect solution. Just for fun, we thought it’d be a great time to honor a few of the most famous public friendships!   Jennifer […]

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Molè: The National Dish of Mexico

When dining out, we’re faced with the choice of where to go? Who creates the best authentic meal with the most welcoming atmosphere? The options may seem overwhelming, but here at La Santa Tacos & Tequila, we make the choice easy.  Providing the best authentic Mexican food in MA, backed by an experienced staff, and atmosphere sure to satisfy all, we know you’ll be back for more! One of our favorite aspects is the pride we take in creating real […]

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Celebrating National Daiquiri Day with Authentic Mexican Food

These days it seems that every day has been devoted to one thing or another.  Here at La Santa, we don’t need a reason to celebrate, but on July 19th, it’s time to raise your glass and celebrate National Daiquiri Day.  The classic rum-based drinks pairs well with a variety of dishes.  However, if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in MA, stop into La Santa and enjoy one of our famous margaritas, or better yet, a delicious daiquiri! A […]

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Beyond the Margarita: Authentic Mexican Drinks

Often when we visit our favorite Mexican restaurant, we order the good old fallback, the margarita. I mean, what says Mexican better than the limey tequila concoction? Much to the surprise of many, there are several other traditional beverages served around Mexico. Here are a few considerations to pocket next time your out for authentic Mexican food in MA.   Michelada Placing in the top three of the most popular Mexican drinks, Michelada is a cocktail made with beer. Similar […]

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Authentic Mexican Food for Father’s Day

Traditionally, the 3rd Sunday in June has been devoted to what we know as Father’s Day.  A time for families to gather and celebrate the father figures in their lives, Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe. In the United States, we generally shower our father’s with a homemade card, gifts, and good food.  Whether it be a backyard barbeque or authentic Mexican food in MA, food is definitely a staple.  Although our traditions are strong in the U.S., other […]

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Why You Should Have Lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Massachusetts

If you find yourself needing to step away from the office for a bit, going out for lunch is always a nice treat.  With the plethora of options in the Tyngsboro area, choosing the ideal restaurant can be overwhelming.  Many factors from the time allotted to menu price should all be taken into consideration.  Mexican restaurants in Massachusetts tend to be the perfect option for the lunchtime getaway.  Whether you are dining by yourself or accompanying a group of co-workers, […]

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