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The History Behind Cinco de Mayo

Often when people hear the term Cinco de Mayo, they associate it with authentic Mexican cuisine and drink.  Many people gear up and head to their local bars in Tyngsboro, MA to celebrate. Although food and beverage are an excellent way to honor the day, how much do you know about the history? French Invasion In 1861, a French army of 8,000 landed on the shores of Veracruz, Mexico with the intent of an attack.  With success, the French then […]

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Authentic Mexican Cuisine 101

Have you ever been to an authentic restaurant and had trouble with the menu? Many times the excitement of the unknown gets us into a sticky situation.  Often times we find ourselves highly anticipating date night at the new restaurant down the road where we heard the food is fantastic. Once we are there, we have no idea what the dishes are that are being offered.  La Santa provides a variety of the best authentic Mexican cuisine in MA.  This […]

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Types of Tequila

It is finally the weekend, and you’re out on the town with friends.  Before a night of activities, you decide dinner is in order.  After a quick search, everyone agrees on La Santa Tacos and Tequila. How can you go wrong with authentic Mexican dishes and one of the best bars in Tynsborough MA? The hard part is choosing which drink and meal to order.  With over 50 types of tequila, the question “what type of tequila” may be daunting […]

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