Blanco or Gold? That is the Question.

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No matter which Mexican restaurant in Massachusetts the evening brings you to, you’ll be faced with one inevitable question. Blanco (silver) or gold? The type of tequila you choose can make or break your margarita. And, really, who wants a less than perfect margarita? Well, here at La Santa, our team is here to save the day again.

Although there are five categories of tequila, for the sake of keeping it brief, we’re going to focus on the two most common: silver and gold. Here’s a more in-depth look at these types of tequila to help get you the beverage you’ve been craving!


How it all begins

Regardless of the category it falls into, all types of tequila begin with the same journey, the blue agave plant. Tequila is produced from the distillation of the plant’s juice. There is tequila that is made from 100% agave, and tequila that is mixed with sugar or molasses before the fermentation process.


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Blanco, or silver, tequila is one of the purest types of tequila available. Although some brands of blanco are aged up to two months; it’s rare that this type of tequila is aged more than a few weeks, if at all. Bottled directly from distilling, there is really no room for error here. Considered one of the best choices for mixed drinks, tequila blanco is a strong runner in the margarita category.



Like silver, gold tequilas are not typically aged. However, they’re not considered pure for a few reasons. Gold tequila differs from blanco, not only in its color but its creation. First, let’s talk about color. The “gold” in gold tequila comes from the addition of caramel coloring which is added before the fermentation process. Next, let’s consider brands that don’t say 100% agave. These brands, no names mentioned, add a healthy dose of sugar as well as caramel coloring to their blends.


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For a look into other choices of aged tequila, be sure to check out our previous article that further discusses reposado, anejo, and extra anejo types of tequila.


Next time you’re visiting your favorite Mexican restaurant in Massachusetts, La Santa, be sure to ask about our extensive tequila offerings. From blanco to premium extra anejo, we have a wide variety sure to meet any need! Stop by and see us today!

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