Beyond the Margarita: Authentic Mexican Drinks

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Often when we visit our favorite Mexican restaurant, we order the good old fallback, the margarita. I mean, what says Mexican better than the limey tequila concoction? Much to the surprise of many, there are several other traditional beverages served around Mexico. Here are a few considerations to pocket next time your out for authentic Mexican food in MA.



Placing in the top three of the most popular Mexican drinks, Michelada is a cocktail made with beer. Similar to a Bloody Mary, this combination of beer, lime, hot sauce, and a blend of tomato or clam juices is said to help lessen the symptoms of a hangover. Although the sound of it may turn your stomach, Michelada is as popular as the Mimosa at Mexican brunches.


Another one of the top ranking tequila drinks in Mexico, the Paloma is a mix of tequila and grapefruit juice. Served on the rocks with fresh lime, this refreshing cocktail is paired perfectly with lighter meals.


Brought to Mexico during colonization times, Horchata can differ between regions. From thin and watery to thick and creamy, every household has their own unique way to make the traditional drink. However, the general census includes a blend of almonds and rice, flavored with vanilla extract and cinnamon. This creamy mix is often spiked with dark rum but can be served as a non-alcoholic beverage as well. Click here for one of our favorite recipes.


Another favorite fruity beverage is Tepache. Also referred to as the drunken pineapple, this drink is similar to sangria. A blend of oranges, apples, and guavas is mixed with a dash of cinnamon and clove. Severed cold, the Tepache is lower in alcohol content but can be increased with the addition of beer.


One of the most popular non-alcoholic Mexican drinks, Tuba is a traditional drink in the state of Jalisco. This combination of apples and coconut is topped with more nuts. A huge seller at resorts and street vendors across Mexico.


An ancestor to tequila, Pulque is made from the fermented sap of the maguey cactus. With a vast history extending back to the Aztecs, the authentic beverage has lost popularity due to the inability of surviving long storage times.

Next time you’re out for authentic Mexican food in MA, consider mixing up the norm by trying one of these traditional beverages. For a genuine, authentic experience, visit La Santa Tacos in Tequila. Conveniently located in Tynsgborough, MA, your taste buds will thank you.

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