Authentic Mexican Food for Father’s Day

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Traditionally, the 3rd Sunday in June has been devoted to what we know as Father’s Day.  A time for families to gather and celebrate the father figures in their lives, Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe. In the United States, we generally shower our father’s with a homemade card, gifts, and good food.  Whether it be a backyard barbeque or authentic Mexican food in MA, food is definitely a staple.  Although our traditions are strong in the U.S., other countries find their own unique way of honoring the men in our lives.



Although the exchange of cards and gifts occurs in Mexico, there is one primary separation between Mexico and the United States.  The name of the separation is, Carrera Día del Padre, translated; Father’s Day Race.  Held in Mexico City, the race is a time for fathers and their families to bond with a little competition.  This thirteen-mile race promotes healthy living through training and stamina.

South Africa

Similar to many cultures, the people of South Africa present their father’s with gifts and cards.  The majority of the day is spent fishing or picnicking.


In Japan, children gather flowers, create handmade gifts, and sweets to offer to their father figures in their lives.  Meals that are sea-food based; such as crab and pawns are the typical feast on the third Sunday of June.

Portugal & Spain

Unlike many countries, Portugal and Spain celebrate Father’s Day on March 19th.  This Roman Catholic tradition honors the spiritual father with what is known as the Feast of St. Joseph.  Giving tribute to Saint Joseph, families attend church and feast on meatless dishes as the day typically falls during Lent.  Children make cards and gifts to give to their fathers.

Costa Rica

Currently celebrating Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, Costa Rica is in transition.  Recently, the Unidad Social Cristiana party presented a bill to change the date to March 19; similar to that of Portugal and Spain.


Another unique day falls on the second Sunday of August.  It is then that Brazil celebrates their fathers in honor of Saint Joachim, patron of fathers.

United Kingdom

Similar to most, but new to the game, the United Kingdom just recently began celebrating.  Although concrete evidence is not available, the celebration began after WW2.


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